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    Bambooloo™ | Carbon 1.0

    Manufacturer: Bambooloo™
    The Bambooloo™ toilet in the carbon bamboo colour. This package includes everything that you need to get started with your Bambooloo™, including a 20-litre bucket with screw-on lid, composting toilet bags and a block of coco peat cover material. A full instruction manual is also included. ** Note the current carbon bamboo is not as dark as the image shown**
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    Bambooloo™ Carbon - Water Protectant Coating

    The Boobooloo™ has the look and feel of a toilet that is at home in any situation.

    This toilet was conceived to provide people with the option of having a beautiful composting toilet system that is truly down to the basics and is very effective as an onsite solution.

    Finish - Water Protectant Coating

    The protectant coating is only available on the carbon version of the Bambooloo™ and offers a hard wearing highly water-resistant coating for the more rustic environments or commercial use.

    You will find the Bambooloo™ in many situations, meeting the need of;

    • Tiny Houser’s

    • Holiday Home and getaways

    • Luxury Camping and Glamping operations

    • Holiday campsite

    • Bache’s and Hunting huts

    • Personal toilet (per user)

    • Luxury bedside toilet

    • Satellite toilets for use with a larger centralized composting toilet system

    • Sleepouts

    • B&B's

    To see the full details of how this amazing toilet works please visit our website here

    Bambooloo™ Website



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