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          Clivus Multrum™ | Composting Toilet CM2 - Starter Package

          An everything you need to install and start composting kit with the CM2 composting system
          Manufacturer: Clivus Multrum™

          Add or subtract all the additional parts you need for your site installation

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          Clivus Multrum CM2
          Clivus Multrum™ | CM2 White
          The CM2 White is a great 2-person full or 4-person part-time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. With the Chamber Screen that opens and closes automatically with pressure on the seat, it maintains a discreet compost and meets the Waterless Composting Toilet Standards. This model proves popular as a contemporary-looking toilet solution for your home, and weekend getaways and as an economical and pleasant alternative to a drop toilet.

          CM2 Additional Composting Chamber (including lid)


          Choose the fan voltage to match your power system. (Add additional fan units for replacement parts).

          All ELV (Extra Low Voltage) (12v-48V) are suitable for Off-grid power systems.

          Vent stack kit for installation.

          In residential applications, a vertical vent must extend 0.6m above the roofline - this is a code requirement.

          Add a wind-driven vent to create redundancy.
          The wind-driven vent will assist the fan under heavy wind conditions and keep the system going in case of power outage or fan failure.

          Required for adaption to smaller vent pipes.

          Note: systems with 50mm piping will require a mounting stay (not supplied).

          Extend your drain pipe to reach your soak pit/trench.

          The system is packed with 1 meter of 25mm leachate drain pipe as a standard.

          Most soakaways should be installed 3 meters away from the foundations of the structure but this remains circumstantial to the site.

          Run your leachate drain into a soak pit (vertical soak-away) or into a trench (horizontal soak-away).

          SKU: CM2-W-CS
          Old price: $1,604.35 excl GST
          $1,283.48 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          100mm Vent Pipe Package
          Universal Vent | 100mm | Vent Pipe Kit
          100mm DWV (Drain Waste Vent) PVC Pipe Kit suitable for most situations where a 100mm vent stack is required. Compatible with all Nature Loo™ systems, all Clivus Multrum™ systems, Sun-Mar™ Excel NE and Sun-Mar™ Centrex NE systems.

          Choose additional lengths of pipe for higher buildings

          SKU: ACC-UV-100-VPK
          $160.87 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Picture of Universal Vent ACC | Wind-Driven Vent
          Universal Vent ACC | Wind-Driven Vent
          Wind-driven ventilation ideal option for non-powered (NE) vent systems or as backup ventilation for power outages when the system is turned off to keep the room free of stale air. Used most commonly with the off-grid situation.

          Reducing collar to adapt the wind dirven vent from 150mm to 100mm or 50mm PVC vent pipe.

          SKU: ACC-UV-WDV
          $217.39 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Universal Drain | Soak Pit Kit 300
          Universal Drain kit provides a suitable land-application-system for all composting toilet systems with a user capacity of 1 to 4 people full time.

          The drain kit comes with 700mm of pipe. Extend this pipe to move the soak pit further out.

          SKU: ACC-UDR-300X1000
          $152.17 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Clivus Multrum™ - CM2 OOS Chambers
          Clivus Multrum™ | CM2 - Additional Chamber / Out-of-service (OOS)
          Additional Out-of-service (OOS) Chamber for existing Clivus Multrum™ CM2 where more capacity & longer composting time is required.
          SKU: CM2-ACC-OOS-C
          $130.43 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Picture of WCT | CM2 Mix
          WCT | CM2 Mix
          A multimedia mix of organic carbon bulking materials best suited for Clivus Multrum Self-Contained Systems
          SKU: WCT CM2 Mx
          $20.87 excl GST
          excluding shipping