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    Self Contained System / On Floor

    Self Contained / On Floor Composting Toliets

    No space below the toilet pedestal is required.

    These systems are popular with weekender homes, container cabins or granny flats. Self-contained toilets are very compact with the treatment chamber inside the toilet pedestal. Capacity is somewhat reduced compared with Split Systems.

    If you require a toilet for more than 4 people on a full-time basis you will need either two Self-contained toilets or to create a situation where you can install a Split System.

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    Picture of Bambooloo | 2.0

    Bambooloo | 2.0

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    Picture of Nature Loo | Excelet with Chamber Screen

    Nature Loo | Excelet with Chamber Screen

    The Excelet range of composting toilets was designed to provide toilet facilities for low volume situations at a low price. Unlike most composting toilets, the Excelet sits on the toilet room floor and requires no space beneath it.
    $2,000.00 incl tax
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