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    EcoLet™ | NE Slimline

    Manufacturer: EcoLet™
    Cold composting with high air treatment; is a time-dependent composting process but with accelerated drying effect to manage moisture and to shrink the compost mass from a reduced moisture content in the compost. Note that drying does not speed up composting. Batching composting systems; is sample receptacle for Humus with a requirement for average management.
    SKU: Ecolet NE SL

    The system is packed with 1 meter of 25mm leachate drain pipe as a standard.

    Most soakaway's should be installed 3 meters away from the foundations of the structure but remains circumstantial to the site.

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    The EcoLet™ NE is designed for 2 people, full time, or 4 people, part-time. It is completely non-electric, and is perfect for remote locations, using 2 exchangeable composting bins. The NE is the ideal toilet for remote locations where electricity is not available. The Slimline NE has two exchangeable composting chambers, one under the seat inside the chamber and one composting bin with a lid stored externally, to be rotated with bin inside the unit when full.

    Vent setup options; An optional 12v fan is included in the box for those situations where power is available.

    • The supplied low wattage fan can be fitted as an option. The fan is to aid in the evaporation of excess liquid reliable odour control.
    • Wind-driven ventilation can be fitted to have a powerless option.


    The convenient drain tube is provided to evacuate the liquids to a leaching pit in-ground, greywater system or to an auxiliary storage container.

    The NE is not supplied with the ecolet vent pipe kit. Please see Ecolet vent kits

    Alternative standard NZ DWV PVC pipe can be used 


    AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 - On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets
    Licence Number. SMKH25591
    Against the AS/NZS 1546.2
    Under SAI Global


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