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    Netafim | eFLOW - Add On Kit

    Manufacturer: Netafim
    eFLOW Water Re-use Dispersal System Netafim, the world leader in drip irrigation, has developed a packaged system that allows the re-use of water for domestic households to irrigate garden & turf areas.
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    • Onsite domestic dispersal systems
    • Treated Greywater dispersal systems

    How does eFLOW work?

    Netafim’s sub-surface dripper-line system delivers a slow and precise application of treated effluent evenly throughout the soil. The dripper-line is made of flexible polyethylene tubing with evenly spaced emitters pre-inserted inside the tubing. The water is pumped through the dripper-line and discharged through pressure compensating emitters ensuring an even, slow distribution of the effluent into the soil.

    Why Drip Dispersal?

    • Highest water use efficiency of all irrigation systems
    • Benefit of re-using water for supplementary irrigation of turf and/or garden areas
    • Reduces the risk of offensive odours, aerosols drift and buffer zones
    • Guaranteed uniform distribution over the entire land application area
    • Low application rates that improves the water infiltration in any type of soil
    • Drippers will not clog with correct filtration and design
    • Minimal maintenance and service required
    • Barrier against human interaction

    eFLOW is the only system offering a combination of

    • Pressure compensating drippers
    • Non-leakage drippers allow the system to hold water within the dripper-line on system shut-down. This improves uniformity and reduces run-off, especially on slopes.
    • Techfilter that offers a lifetime guarantee against root intrusion for turf applications (when the cartridge is replaced every two years)
    • Largest filtration surface area dripper in the market
    • A kit providing installation and maintenance manuals