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          SKU: WFU FB
          The Flax Waterfree Urinal is a stylish, luxury vitreous-china fixture. Ease of access urinals can replace the requirements for multiple toilet fixture and reduce space required at your facilities. Ideal for use with composting systems Such and the commercial Clivus Multrum and Sun-Mar Centrex range.

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          All new Falcon Boronia & Flax urianls take the new HPKV trap

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          Falcon Waterfree Technologies


          Falcon Waterfree urinals reduce water and sewer costs, maintenance and repair bills, and create more hygienic, odour-free restrooms. A patented, sealed cartridge eliminates the need for water, conserving an average of 150.000 Liters per urinal each year.


          With waterfree urinals, water does not have to be pumped to or from the urinal. This saves energy, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy production - emissions that would otherwise contribute to global warming.


          Purchasing and installing Falcon Waterfree urinals is less expensive than manual and automatic flush units because flush valves and associated piping are not required. Maintenance costs and vandalism problems associated with flush valves are also eliminated.



          Touch-free operation

          Improved hygiene and safety

          Uses no water

          Reduced water and sewer costs


          No costly flush valve design or sensor repairs

          Patented, sealed

          Odour-free and locking cartridge vandal proof


          No need to replenish cartridge sealant between changes

          Smooth, non-porous

          Minimal care and surfaces easy cleaning

          Vitreous china bowl

          Unsurpassed durability


          The cartridge replaces the need to have a S trap fitted to the outlet of the urinal. The cartridge traps and works together with the biodegradable airseal sealant fluid. This fluid is lighter than other liquid forms, and floats inside the cartridge and seals the contents from the atmosphere, but allows urine to pass through it, therefore no odour!


          The Cartridge is good for an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 uses before it needs to be replaced, on average this will be 3 to 4 months depending upon usage.