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          SKU: FRP CUS
          The Custom designed FRP Buildings are simply a marvel in modern engineering and functionality. Please make a quick enquiry and we will get in touch with you to sort out the details of your requirements.
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          FRP Custom Building Specifications

          We can tailor buildings to suit your requirements. We can build with your budget in mind and provide alternative finishes and designs as you require.

          Basic Building Inclusions

          These buildings comply with the relevant New Zealand Standards. The standard materials provide excellent
          durability for most locations, with upgrades available to suit more severe environmental conditions.

          Features include:

          • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings
          • Covered veranda, stainless steel handrails and balustrading unless specified
          • Step by step installation instructions. All items are marked for easy reference
          • The building is 'flat packed' for ease of transport
          • All sections are pre-cut, pre-drilled and include all: screws, nuts/bolts/washers, joiner and brace
          • Frame, decking, internal flooring and stairs built from FRP material with the following qualities

          including; high strength, lightweight, slip resistance, corrosion and termite resistant, low

          • Lockable lined doors with door closers
          • Mono-pitch /skillion roof profile
          • Cyclone zone enhancements to Category 3 rating - refer to Form 15 Engineers (Structural) Report
          • Form 15 Engineers (Structural) Report

          Optional Items

          • Heavy duty corrugated iron sheeting - recommended for corrosive environments. Client to choose
            from the colour chart provided
          • External walls and roof are lined with standard corrugated iron sheeting. Client to choose from the colour chart provided
          • Internal wall lining with mini corrugated iron sheeting (excludes underfloor enclosure where selected). Client to choose from the colour chart provided
          • Translucent roof panels for increased lighting
          • Underfloor enclosure with pad lockable hinged doors for access to compost tanks
          • Gutters, downpipes and water tank (450 litres), with FRP tank stand
          • Composting toilet componentry and associated fixtures and fittings
          • Curved or gable roof instead of mono-pitch
          • Complete stair assembly
          • Shower/change cubicles
          • Solar power kit
          • Building application drawings and engineer’s certification for a specific site - (soil reports to be provided by Client).
          • Special customer requirements, including pre-assembly and site assembly services.
          • Modifications in order to comply with AS3959-2000 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas
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