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Grey Water Technology

What is Greywater?

Greywater is the wastewater produced from  the hand basin, shower, bath, washing machine  and laundry tub. It is not the water from the  toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher as this water  is generally too high in grease and oil to be re-used successfully.

N.B. If a greywater treatment system is being used rather than a Greywater Diversion Device, the waste water from the kitchen can be included.


Greywater for irrigation

Greywater irrigation has long been practiced in areas with a limited water supply. However, proper precautions for its use have not always been in place. This has posed a problem for health officials, who believe there is no correct method for managing greywater to both balance user water needs with public safety considerations. While the engineering of these systems is still a relatively new technology, it is one that is progressing rapidly. Greywater systems can now meet both environmental and waste management requirements, while safely utilising the nutrient content in the effluent.

The options for safely using greywater as a source for irrigation are many and diverse.

There are two types of greywater systems for the domestic market that both require local government approval and state government guidelines for installation:

  • Diversion Systems are either gravity or pumped.
  • Treatment systems which upgrade water quality in the process and provide more flexibility in terms of re-use applications

N.B. All grey water diversion systems MUST use by law a sub-surface irrigation system, such as drip irrigation.

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Everhard Industries Grey Water Grease Trap

Everhard Industries 45 Litre Grease Arrestor is designed for connection to standard 100mm drains and is equipped with a polymer basket for easy removal of trapped waste. Accumulated scum and sludge waste matter can then be removed by authorised contractors to approved disposal facilities. The polymer trap has a strong, durable, polypropylene cover with child-resistant locking tabs and there is an optional concrete cover available. Risers are also available to allow increased cover over pipework.
$300.00 incl tax

Everhard's 250/450L Polymer Pump Well

Everhard’s 250/450 Pump Well has been a robust and effective solution in many domestic and industrial applications for several years. The new spherical design provides the symmetry that customers have been looking for with a deeper invert that provides greater flexibility in a number of usage situations.
$1,250.00 incl tax

G-Flow Greywater Diversion Device

G-Flow is a simple, economical and reliable design of self-contained greywater diverter system. Its compact design made it easy to install and can be mounted on wall with brackets provided, above ground or partially buried.
$885.00 incl tax

irriGREY Kit

irriGREY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Grey-Water Diversion Devices GWDD.
$550.00 incl tax

Netafim irriGREY Filter Element - Four Filters

Four Replacement filters for the irrGREY Filter unit
$140.00 incl tax

Netafim irriGREY Filter Element - One Filter

One Replacement filter for the irrGREY Filter unit
$38.00 incl tax