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          SKU: WFU HPKV-R
          The patented Key-System from Enswico is a unique syphon technology to operate urinals without water. Replacing water with technology translates into an enormous worldwide water saving potential.
          $85.13 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          i h

          The HPKV - High Performance Key Valve / Key-Valve E, consisting of the Key-Valve and the Key-Ring® seals the drain opening to prevent the emission of odours from the drain without using water or other sealing liquids. This component has a lifespan of 7’500 minimum usages.



          • No water flush required
          • Allows liquid to flow into the drain, but prevents
            backflow of drain gases
          • Vertical mechanism
          • Compact unit
          • Easy to handle
          • Total lifespan depends on the rate of usage
          • The green Key-Ring is the optimal life cycle indicator,
            it keeps the Key-Membrane® flexible and clean and
            creates in addition a pleasant scent
          • The green Key-Ring mass is fully biodegradable
          • Suitable for most available types of waterless urinals
          • Allows compensation for the negative drain pressures

          Key-Valve E Diagram


          The Service-Key is the tool for replacing the Key-Valve E



          • Functional
          • Simple
          • Practical


          The Key-Adapter is the fitting for the Key-Valve E
          in the urinal



          • Small and easy to install
          • Long lifespan
          • Proven for use in all kind of common materials
            in the sanitary market
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