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    Nature Loo™ | Excelet with Chamber Screen

    Manufacturer: Nature Loo™
    The Excelet range of composting toilets was designed to provide toilet facilities for low volume situations at a low price. Unlike most composting toilets, the Excelet sits on the toilet room floor and requires no space beneath it.

    The system is packed with 1 meter of 25mm leachate drain pipe as a standard.

    Most soakaway's should be installed 3 meters away from the foundations of the structure but remains circumstantial to the site.

    $2,191.30 excl tax
    Dispatch; Transport Time Frames: 1 Week Estimated Time of Freight (Nationwide-Transport)

    This composting toilet model is suitable for use by one person full-time, installed in the bathroom of a slab floor house or outside the enclosure (e.g. shed). Alternatively, the toilet would suit up to 2-3 people as second or part-time use toilet (e.g. weekender). The Excelet is Nature Loo’s premium model of the self-contained Excelet Range and is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2 as the Excelet-4 (i.e. with 4 chambers). Therefore, if approval becomes a concern two additional chambers can be purchased at a later date. The Excelet chamber screen blocks any view of the contents of the chamber (required for state approval).

    Excelet CS comes with a dual-action chamber screen.

    Excelet CS-2Excelet CS-3Excelet CS-4
    Capacity1 People Full time1-2 People Full time2-3 People Full time

    The Excelet CS - 2 with Chamber Screen package includes:

    • It comes with a dual-action chamber screen
    • Fibreglass (marine grade) pedestal matching solid white seat
    • Movable (visual) barrier
    • 2 x 55-litre plastic compost treatment chambers (46 cm high x 41 cm diameter x 59 cm long) that separate solids and liquids (drain away)
    • Ventilation system including the 12-volt 5-watt fan in housing and transformer*
    • A starter pack containing Nature Quick Microbes (per chamber), 125ml Nature Flush concentrate with spray bottle & bulking agent
    • Easy to follow DIY installation and maintenance manual

    * If the transformer is not required, it will be replaced with a spare fan.

    The Excelet CS 2 with chamber screen waterless composting toilet range comes complete with everything required for installation, except for reasons of freight cost, the external vent pipe and gravel for the 2m long x 40cm wide x 40cm height absorption trench, which can be obtained from your hardware store for about $80.

    For more information on the installation and operation of this Nature Loo system please click here.

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