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    Netafim 25mm SHORT Arkal Filter - Housing & 120 Mesh Disc add-on package

    Manufacturer: Netafim
    Netafim 25mm SHORT Arkal Filter - Housing & 120 Mesh Disc in the event that you run more than one eFLOW add on kit you should install a second filter to reduce the required maintenance periods and maintain the maximum filter flows.
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    Filtration Technologies - effeive filtration preventing dripper line blockages

    25mm Arkal Disc Filter, 130 mesh

    The 25mm Arkal Disc Filter is used to protect the system from contamination of debris, it has a 130 micron element inside that requires cleaning periodically (see maintenance and servicing in attached documents).

    Disc Filter Diagram

    Netafim 25mm Arkal Filter - Housing & 120 Mesh Disc add-on packages

    Netafim Dripper Lines Times Filters200 - 400 meters of dripper lines 600 meters of dripper lines800 meters of dripper lines
    RUN - One 25mm Super Arkal FilterOne Super Arkal Filter Housing & Disc (Comes with EFLOW Start-up Kit)xx
    RUN - One 25mm Super Arkal Filter + One 25mm Standard Arkal FilterxOne Standard Arkal Filter Housing & Disc Add-on Packagex
    RUN - Two 25mm Super Arkal FilterxxOne Super Arkal Filter Housing & Disc Add-on Package