Shipping & Freight Details

Shipping & Freight Information

Waterless Composting toilets NZ Ltd prides its self on working with reliable company that is why we have chosen to use Mainfreight NZ for our freight deliveries exclusively.

Mainfreight has a good record of accomplishment, for getting goods delivered on time, without damage and they are well experienced at delivering to rural New Zealanders.

Provide us with reliable contact details

Delivery’s to door; Mainfreight requires appropriate contact details to insure your goods are delivered safely and at desired drop points on site. Mainfreight will always call you before delivery to confrim delivery time and access to property.

Delivery’s to depots for pickup; Mainfreight knows and understands time restraints that is why they will not charge customers for the warehousing time if the goods are picked up in a timely fashion of course your appropriate contact details are required.

If you have unreliable contact details please nominate another person who can reach you to relay delivery information. Thank you

Cost of deliveries

We have setup an at-cost delivery calculator that is built into our online sales system (website) that provides you with accurate delivery costs from our on-account rates. If however you feel the calculator has not provided you a correct rate please contact us immediately to have this cost revised. 0800 022 027

Please note, we will not refund or charge any delivery cost differences between the online price and the revised price if the purchase and payment has already been made online.