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WCTNZ is New Zealand’s leading supplier of environmental wastewater solutions.

We’re proud to stock the country’s largest range of fully-certified waterless composting toilets to suit any application and any budget. If you’re looking for a sustainable, effective and odourless solution for your number ones and twos, we can help you! Whether you’re building a tiny house, a high-rise, or anything in between, we’ve got an eco-toilet that’s right for you.

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Awesome Walks in the Waitakere Ranges needed bathroom facilities for their guests.

"After consultation with WCTNZ, we installed an EcoLet Waterless Composting Toilet and are extremely pleased. It’s completely odourless, easy to operate, hygienic, and positively reviewed by our guests. We integrated it into a quirky setting and made a real feature of it. We are thrilled with the result!"

Alec and Philippa Mandis – Awesome Walks

Operating backcountry hut accommodation on The Old Ghost Road comes with a number of unique challenges and service requirements. One of the key challenges is to provide sustainable, effective and 'user-friendly' toilet facilities for visitors. We have long been believers in composting toilets, however not all composting toilets are built equal - not just in terms of their performance, but in terms of their servicing and maintenance characteristics which are important considerations for any backcountry operation.

In late 2017 The Old Ghost Road upgraded its toilets to Clivus Multrum composting toilets supplied by Waterless Composting Toilets New Zealand. Introducing these helped measurably with our key objectives of providing a more sustainable, effective and pleasant toileting experience for users on The Old Ghost Road. Like most things, composting toilets have their place and take some understanding and commitment, however if applied and maintained appropriately, we believe they provide an excellent and often superior solution to other toilet and waste management options. 

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On the grid or off. From the city to the country. From tiny houses to office buildings. Tell us a bit about your place, and we’ll help you select a toilet system that’s just right.

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