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"We seek to save waste and to save our environment with a 'waste to resource' renewable philosophy"

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New Zealand's leading supplier of waterless composting toilet systems with the widest range


We provide sustainable technologies ranging from complete toilet building solutions with TOG options, Composting Toilets, Waterfree Urinals, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Greywater Treatment Systems and many more

Featured products

BioToi - Foldaway Portable Toilet

The compact, lightweight and portable folding toilet using disposable bag liners.
$94.99 incl tax excluding shipping

EcoLet™ 240 Full Automatic - Model 55ai

The EcoLet™ Full Automatic 55ai is designed for 3 people full-time, or 4 people part-time. It is a fully automatic mixing, temperature and fan controlled system, using 240v power.
$3,899.00 incl tax excluding shipping

Composting Toilet CM2 Starter Package

An everything you need to install and start composting kit with the CM2 composting system
$20.00 incl tax

Bambooloo™ Natural

The Bambooloo™ toilet in the natural bamboo colour. This package includes everything that you need to get started with your Bambooloo™, including a 20-litre bucket with screw-on lid, composting toilet bags and a block of coco peat cover material. A full instruction manual is also included.
$900.00 incl tax excluding shipping
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Domestic Solutions

Composting Toilets are becoming more and more common in homes around New Zealand as people search out cost-effective waste management solutions that are good for the environment as well as the users. We have a large range of domestic composting solutions for both grid connected and off-the-grid situations.

Commercial Solutions

Commercially, composting toilets have proven themselves to be a very viable option. Our composting toilets solutions have been used everywhere from high-rise buildings, all the way through to campgrounds and recreational areas. We are able to supply both commercially rated composting toilet solutions, as well as buildings and whole-systems solutions.

SAI GLOBAL Certification

With New Zealand’s Largest Range of fully certified Composting Toilet system we have the solution for you. In this modern world, there is a demanded for technology that achieves the merits of safe and sanitary systems protecting you and the environment.



Choosing a composting toilet that is right for your specific situation is important to ensure that you have a system that works long term! Give us some information and we can help you choose!