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          SKU: FA EL-TRN12v1A
          12V Transformer is used on all 12-volt inline fan units
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          $42.39 excl GST
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          Dispatch; Transport Time Frames: 2-3 working days

          12V Transformer

          Powers the 12-volt (5-watt to 10-watt) DC fan units 

          240 AC to 12V DC transformer


          Watts to Amps Conversion Chart

          WattsAmps @ 12VAmps @ 24V
            5 W0.41 A0.21 A
          10 W0.83 A0.42 A
          20 W1.67 A0.83 A
          30 W2.5 A1.25 A
          40 W3.33 A1.67 A
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