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    About EcoLet™

    WCTNZ is proud to distribute the EcoLet™ systems throughout New Zealand.

    The EcoLet™ is known as the Mulltoa in Europe, BioLet in America and EcoLet™ in the Australasian area.

    Sture Anderson founded the original company in Sweden in 1972 and his vision was to manufacture the most convenient waterless composting toilets to provide a real alternative to regular flush toilets. The systems were branded as Mulltoa meaning “composting toilet” in Swedish. MullToa became a very popular toilet alternative in Scandinavia and over the year throughout Europe.

    "These systems have a world history of achievement where the EcoLet™ known as the Mulltoa have won International Inventors Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland in 1973 and is the only composting toilet system to ever win this award"

    In 2005 the Mulltoa when through the most extensive testing requirements for Waterless Composting toilets known as the Svan Ecolabel from The Nordic Council of Ministers and passed, proving once again the innovation in design and performance

    The EcoLet™ brand was first established by Clivus Multrum to introduce one of the best composting toilets in the world to complement their outstanding Clivus Multrum range of systems for the small user market. Now sold under the largest Australasian composting toilet company Ecoflo, the Ecolet is licence and fully supported systems.

    The EcoLet™ is fully certified against the AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 / On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets