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    Bambooloo™ Bucket is for replacement or order as an extra bucket with your Bambooloo™ system to have a spare when in need.
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    i h

    The 20-litre buckets that are designed to be used in the Bambooloo™ systems are very robust, high quality and are constructed from polypropylene.
    These buckets are food grade Approves (FDA & EU) and dangerous goods (UN) approved, so don’t worry!

    "They are more than capable of taking your crap"

    One of these buckets is supplied with every Bambooloo™, and for those of you who are using the system with the bin liners, one should be enough. If you are not using bin liners, and are washing your buckets, then you may wish to add more buckets to your system. The recommended number is one bucket per user.

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