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          SKU: BBL CB L 1.9
          This toilet commode was conceived to provide people with the option of having a beautiful composting toilet system that is truly down to the basics and is very effective as an onsite solution.
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          Bambooloo™ | Carbon Limited

           The Boobooloo™ has the look and feel of a toilet that is at home in any situation

          The Bambooloo™ | Carbon Limited is in the natural bamboo base & carbon seat colours

          This Bambooloo package includes everything that you need to get started with your Bambooloo™; including a 20-litre bucket with a screw-on lid, composting toilet bags (25), 650gm Coco Peat Bricks, BBL Tamp-Spray and shavings as packing for BBL cover material.

          A full instruction manual is also included.

          Bambooloo is available within the region of New Zealand only (including Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau).

          You will find the Bambooloo™ in many situations, meeting the need of;

          • Tiny Houser’s

          • Holiday Home and getaways

          • Luxury Camping and Glamping operations

          • Holiday Campsite

          • Baches and Hunting huts

          • Personal toilet (per user)

          • Luxury bedside toilet

          • Satellite toilets for use with a larger centralized composting toilet system

          • Sleepouts

          • B&B's

          To see the full details of how this amazing toilet works please visit our website:

          Bambooloo™ Website


          STARTER PACKAGE SUMMARY: As of 22/02/21

          • Unit packed in wood shavings
          • 5 x 650gms Coco Peat Brick Pack
          • 25 Bin Liners
          • Scoop
          • BBL Tamper Spray
          • One BBL Bucket & Screw Lid
          • BBL Instructional Manual


          Build version V1.9


          • Improved lid hinges 
          • Heavey chamber lid
          • Soft button chamber lid stops

          This build version is the 9th edition of this Bambooloo as of 10/10/2021. (all orders before this date are the 8th edition)

          The unit will be stamped: V1.9 + (date)


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