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    Bambooloo™ | Tamper-Spray (Concentrate & Treatment)

    Manufacturer: Bambooloo™
    The Bambooloo™ Tamper-Spray is the best product for both wetting out the compost mass and adding microbial activity to it. The concentrate is also great for fixing systems that are too wet, and reactivating compost piles that have been exposed to harsh chemicals.
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    Bambooloo™ | Tamper-Spray (Concentrate & Treatment)

    Comes as a 1L foil soft-pack that is chemical resistant for long life and reusability.

    Active enzymatic concentrate for composting toilets, used in high concentration to hydrate the compost mass, add bacteria, re-balance pH levels, or remediate the compost after an insect strike, or used in low concentration to create BBL Tamper Spray for daily use.

    Instructions for use are on the pack,

    Production date is marked on the pack. Shelf life is 2 years from this date.

    This makes 20 Litres of Bambooloo Tamper Spray with a dilution ratio of 20 to 1 (20:1)

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