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    SKU: GW/BW BC 316-3-470
    New Zealand's most effective inline effluent filter! For Blackwater, Greywater & Grease Trap systems alike.
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    Servicing Features

    • Easy to operate
    • Quick Job turnaround
    • No messy cleanup or time-consuming cleaning processes


    "The BioCeptor™ actually remains very clean and when it comes to servicing the matter build up just slides off on lifting out the tube! It pretty much cleans itself"


    Operational Features

    • The unique design offers non-mechanical self-cleaning features
    • Effective long term filtering of particles
    • High flow rates maintained between servicing intervals


    "The segments size of the BioCeptor™ on the outer rim allows the collected matter to sloth off over time also keeping itself clean"


    Design Features:


    316 Stainless Steel components. This creates a strong filter that survives performance in a tough environment and cleaning process.


    Fits inside industry-standard pipes


    Designed to satisfy or exceed the requirements of the related building standards.


    The filter seats on the top ledge of a standard PVC Square Junction (TEE) fitting. This determines the dimension from the seat to the highest invert of the outlet pipe (typically 110mm).


    The star configuration of the filter body is perforated with over 15,600 holes each measuring 3.0mm dia. maximum. (0.11m2)

    Bioceptor 316-3-380 (over 15,600 holes)

    Bioceptor 316-3-470 (under 15,600 holes)

    Bioceptor 316-3-600 (under 15,600 holes)


    The interchange plate creates a separation between the filtration screen and the outlet screen.

    The Interchange plate has a full through-opening of 57.7mm diameter.

    Outlet screen:

    The outlet screen has oval holes of 4.5x10.0mm These are larger than the screen to ensure unobstructed pass-through of the screened waste.


    The base of the Bioceptor Filter has a simple plate that unscrews from the main filter. This allows you to easily remove the base and flush the filter clean.


    Cluster arrangements are available. These are typically 5 filter units in a single housing. Note: The invert configuration remains the same as for a single unit.


    Filter Unit Dimensions

    105mm diameter 

    720mm long

    Toilet Unit Weight 1.00kgs

    5 Year Warranty:

    Our Bioceptor Filter is made from 316 stainless steel and designed to withstand normal operational use in a wastewater system.

    Each filter manufactured by Bioceptor NZ Limited, and the housing in the case of CLUSTER filter arrangements, are covered by our manufacturers 5 YEAR LIMITED warranty against manufacturing defects and faults.