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    SKU: BT-Bags-Roll
    One roll of 8 bags. The no smell BioToi, specially developed BioBag liners are certified for disposal in any sewage system or septic tank and can be composted.
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    The world’s best portable toilet: chemical free, durable, lightweight, and folds away to a very compact size. The no-smell BioToi has specially developed BioBag liners, certified disposable in any sewage system or septic tank.

    Made to NATO standards in conjunction with the Norwegian army, it is designed to be functional, hygienic, and easy to use. BioToi is a convenient, hygienic replacement for chemical toilets (the bag covers the entire seat) and boasts no chemicals, no mess, no cleaning, and no smell.

    BioToi meets the highest standards for hygiene, quality, function, and environmental friendliness. It folds up easily to transport, and is chemical free which makes it extremely planet friendly. BioBag BioToi waste bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Each waste bag is properly certified to decompose to a humus state within 40 days when placed in a controlled compost environment, and Heat treatment over 120°C will cause the bag to melt and decompose quickly.

    The BioToi toilet and waste bags are perfect for

    • Home and business emergency kits
    • Remote organizations
    • Camping
    • Boating
    • Hiking
    • Hunting
    • RV's and other related outdoor activities

    A short guide on the use

    The BioToi waste bags are pigmented with instructions for use printed on them. You can purchase the nature waste bags alone or in combination with BioToi.

    These nature waste bags fit around the entire rim of the BioToi toilet seat, making the system very hygienic and user-friendly.

    The bags can be tied closed and collected in a lidded bucket then composted or disposed of directly into any sewerage collection system.

    The BioToi waste Bag disintegrates quickly when composted in sewage such as a composting toilet. With heat treatment at 140℃ in floating sewage the BioToi waste Bag will disappear rapidly.

    Note if the disposal method is intended to be composting, then the addition of carbon materials can be added to the BioToi after each use as this will improve the final composting process. We recommend the use of coco peat as it is a fine material that absorbs moisture well and is easily transportable in it's dry brick form.

    Bag details;

    Micron 22

    Gusset yes

    Width 65.5cm

    Length 51cm

    Available quantities; 

    Single Roll contains 8 bags

    Carton contains 62 rolls

    The BioBags have a 2-year self-life. Don’t stock more than you need.

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