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    Certified Technology

    SAI GLOBAL, Certified Technology

    SAI Global is recognised Internationally as a testing organisation

    Our systems are certified to meet and/or exceed the standard - AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 - On-site domestic wastewater treatment units - Waterless composting toilets 

    To meet these standards it has to be tested against the temp and climate requirements of Australia and NZ







    Why Do We Need This?

    • The significance of certifications stands out as an imported feature of any given building product these days with BCA’s preferring to work with technology that has gone through rigorous testing and evaluation of both the performance and accuracy to meet and/or exceed the building standards
    • All our waterless composting toilet system bar a few have gone through this process to provide you with the interested party and the BCA’s a fast track resolve in your consent applications and to provide this quality reassurance


    Click here to open and download the PDF - Issued: 30 August 2023 - Expires 1 September 2028



    Some definitions for clarity

    Council Approved (sometimes referred to as pre-approved)

    Misunderstandings; Council does not preapprove any technology as it is not within their right to affect the free market. You may find the BCA’s might have a preference but this is due to historical knowledge and ease of understanding.
    Meaning; Approval is giving on a case by case basis to each individual consent application. This simply means the BCA has approved your application to go ahead with the proposed designs and technologies.

    Acceptable Solution

    A design solution deemed to comply with the Building Code that is pre-approved and therefore has fewer compliance costs associated. This does not mean that the technology you have specified is in itself approved, only that the solution is deemed to be acceptable - such as Composting Toilet for use in all rural areas without mains connection.

    Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

    A certificate issued by a BCA at the completion of building work, confirming that the building work complies with the building consent.

    Restricted building work

    Building work that requires building consent and relates to an element of a building that is critical to the integrity of the building and the health and safety of its occupants. This includes, without limitation: work on the building envelope, the structural support of a building and all waste facilities including Composting Toilets. Generality Restricted building work must be carried out or supervised by a licensed building practitioner and in the event that something such as a composting toilet system is installed by a DIYer the Council will need to inspect in person that the installation complies with the building consent given, at which point they will sign-off on your installation giving you a CCC.