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    Clivus Multrum™

    "The Clivus Multrum™ waterless composting toilet is a waterless, odourless toilet treatment system. It uses no chemicals, heat or water and has no polluting discharge.


    "The Clivus Multrum™ waterless composting toilet system can save over 60,000 litres of water per year in the average home and costs far less than regular treatment systems.


    CM8 Next-Gen | CM14 Next-Gen | CM40 - Range

    The Clivus Multrum™ waterless composting toilet system is 100% natural – no chemicals!

    If you are in need of an off-grid, family-sized composting toilet, that can range up to large commercial sizes, that has been tried and proven around the world since 1938, the Clivus Multrum™ waterless toilet is designed so.

    It is a self-contained waterless, odourless, toilet treatment system, using no chemicals, heat or water, and has no polluting discharge. It can save over 60,000 litres of water per year in the average home and costs far less than regular treatment systems. It is based on one of the oldest principles in nature – simple organic decomposition.

    Designed so it is continuously composting, and to replicate best the natural process of composting, the loo consists of a hand-made, contemporary featured, poly marble pedestal, that sits in your bathroom as a flushing toilet would, with the durable poly-ethylene composting tank that sits vertically below the pedestal under the floor level, connected internally via the chute.

    The result is that in your bathroom it looks and functions virtually the same as a flush loo (with the exception of the flushing) meaning that no imitation is required to use this loo. The tank is scaled from 5 people full time, (CM8), up to commercial sizes (CM40), with the option of having more than one pedestal attached to the one tank.


    Ordinarily, there are 3 requirements to manage your Clivus Multrum™ composting toilet:

    1. Make sure untreated wood shavings (aka Bulking Agent) are added at least once a day, or in small amounts after every use.
    2. Every 3-4 months, the rake supplied will need to be used to knock over the pyramiding pile (a 5-sec job), done through the top inspection hatch.
    3. No more than once a year (or up to 24 months), the finished compost from the bottom chamber will need to be removed – depending on the level of usage. The compost that is removed from the chamber has been sufficiently decomposed and matured so that it is pathogen-free, nutrient-dense and completely natural compost – proven to be better quality compost than what can be purchased from a garden store, and because of the sanitary nature of it, ready to be applied to your garden as a wonderful fertiliser


    CM HP | CM LP - Range

    Clivus Multrum™ HP & LP composting toilets provide a hygienic method of recycling human waste by ensuring everything is sealed and separated. They avoid the need to waste and pollute precious water. The waste is collected in a small chamber directly beneath the toilet pedestal.

    A low powered 12 or 24 volt (mains or solar-powered) fan continually circulates air through the chamber, evaporating liquids, speeding the composting process and eliminating odours.

    All CM HP & LP systems come with at least two composting chambers. Fill one, put it aside to continue composting, and put the second chamber into use. When it's time to change chambers again, the contents of the first chamber should be well and truly composted. You then remove the compost, put it in your garden or bury it, and re-use the chamber.

    This modular "batch composting" system allows capacity to be virtually unlimited. If usage increases, buy an additional chamber and rotate the chambers more often.

    Clivus Multrum’s™ composting toilets are manufactured at the Brisbane factory according to the requirements of New Zealand and Australian Standards. This ensures our products are manufactured to a consistently high standard, as well as being safe and hygienic. 

    Clivus Multrum™ HP & LP toilets are suitable for any style of home. They are supplied as a split system for homes with a minimum of 500mm clearance under the bathroom floor or self-contained toilets for dwellings without under-floor clearance. Our pedestal design is elegant as well as functional. We have designs suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms.

    The Clivus Multrum™ HP & LP solution is free of odours, chemicals, pollution, pumps and high maintenance and electrical costs. It also saves the typical family some 60,000 litres of water per year.


    SAI Certification


    All Clivus Multrum™ Composting Toilet Systems are certified against the "AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units – Waterless composting toilets" standards.


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    Clivus Multrum™ | CM2 White

    The CM2 White is a great 2-person full or 4-person part-time composting toilet that is easy to install yourself and just as easy to use. With the Chamber Screen that opens and closes automatically with pressure on the seat, it maintains a discreet compost and meets the Waterless Composting Toilet Standards. This model proves popular as a contemporary-looking toilet solution for your home, and weekend getaways and as an economical and pleasant alternative to a drop toilet.
    $1,604.35 excl GST $1,283.48 excl GST excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM8 Next-Gen (Package)

    The CM8 Next-Gen is a split unit (below-floor) composting toilet system designed to be used by 5 people full time, and up to 10 people part-time. These systems are made from high-quality materials and are built to stand the test of time.
    $6,656.52 excl GST excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM14 Next-Gen Package

    If you’re in a large household with extended family then it’s especially important that you choose a composting toilet that will meet the demands of your household. The CM14 has a capacity of 8-9 people for full-time use. That makes this system a great choice for large family homes, and also small public facilities.
    $778.26 excl GST $8,999.86 excl GST excluding shipping

    Clivus Multrum™ | CM40 Next-Gen (Custom Package)

    CM-40 CUS-PAC
    The CM40 Next-Gen is the largest of the Clivus Multrum range and is a split unit (below-floor) composting toilet system designed to be used by medium to high usage public facilities, such as public restrooms, roadside stops, national parks, visitors centres, beaches and campsites.
    $15,880.43 excl GST $15,880.43 excl GST excluding shipping

    Premium Pedestal | THE POLYMARBLE - WB (Wide Base)

    This Premium pedestal THE POLYMARBLE is a Wide-Base version and has a good solid appearance in any modern bathroom.
    $941.22 excl GST $1,130.43 excl GST excluding shipping

    Commerical Pedestal | Stainless Steel - SS PED

    Stainless Steel Pedestals are ideal for public and commercial applications
    $3,333.48 excl GST excluding shipping
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