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          DEBug Pest & Insect Dust 200g Puffer Bottle

          Manufacturer: BIOGROW
          SKU: DE200
          Natural, Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) Puffer bottle - Easy squeeze application.
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          Garden Pest Control

          *DEBug is used to kill and control sucking, chewing and crawling insects

          WCTNZ Note: Is used in composting toilet system to kill insect larva in the compost mass.

          It is a mechanical insect control - upon contact, the fine powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of the exoskeleton and causes the insect to die from dehydration. Great for slugs, snails, aphids, caterpillars, earwigs, beetles, fruit flies, borers, thrips and more...

          The all natural Diatomaceous Earth is: DE-For-Web

          • Food Grade
          • Non-toxic
          • Chemical Free
          • Non-Staining
          • Odourless
          • Environmentally Friendly
          • DEBug is also BioGro certified as a Soil & Plant Nutrition (Fertiliser) and Crop Management (Insecticide).



          DEBug can be applied wet or dry to your garden plants.

          Available in convenient 200g and 400g bottle with puffer tops for easy dry application. Ensure coverage over the entire plant (especially under the leaves) or around its base. DEBug can also be diluted in water and applied as a spray. It is also sold in a 500g refill bag and larger sizes as required up to bulk 25kg bags. Please refer to application rates below.

          Suggested dosage rates for plants and cropsDE-Collage

          5 litre ‘pump up’ type sprayer 20gms or 60mls
          15 litre Backpack sprayer 60gms or 180mls
          200 litre automatic sprayer 800 - 900 grams
          Crops application 1 – 2.5kg p/acre
          10 litre bucket ‘brush on’ 2 cups or 500ml
          10 litre watering can 40gms
          Recommended dosage rates for anti-caking agent/grain protectant
          Per volume of grain/product feed 2%

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