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    Don't Monkey 'Round with your Composting Toilet!

    Don't Monkey 'Round with your Composting Toilet!

    Composting toilets are equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimize the composting process, but their success is still heavily dependent on user input. Users play a crucial role in maintaining the system's efficiency. While this may sound intimidating, in reality, mastering humanure composting comes down to a few very simple factors.

    The biggest piece of advice we can give you is: don't monkey 'round with your composting toilet! Basically, you just need to embrace the process, trust your system and let it do its magic!

    Here is how to ensure the successful of your humanure composting journey.

    The Power of Following Instructions

    Operating a composting toilet may seem complicated and intimidating, but it's anything but! Composting toilets are designed to maximize the power of bio-activity to decompose human waste, and thankfully, the manufacturers have invested considerable time and expertise into engineering these systems to work efficiently. So, the key to success is simple: follow the manufacturer's instructions meticulously. They have already figured out the best balance of moisture, temperature, and airflow to make your life with a comporting toilet a breeze. 

    Avoid Overthinking - Keep It Simple

    Remember, simplicity is key. One of the most common mistakes made by composting novices is overthinking the process. Avoid complicating matters by experimenting with composting methods or trying to introduce additional "enhancements" to the system. Trust the engineers who designed the composting toilet - they've done their homework to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible.

    Beware of Self-Declared Experts

    The internet is a vast repository of information, but unfortunately, not all of it is accurate. When it comes to humanure composting, there is an abundance of self-proclaimed experts who may offer conflicting or incorrect advice. Relying on such sources can lead to subpar results. Stick to the manufacturer's instructions and WCTNZ's® advice to ensure your composting success.

    Critical User Inputs for Success

    Correct Installation

    Ensure your composting toilet is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation manual. Proper installation sets the foundation for efficient composting and prevents potential issues in the future.

    Appropriate Materials

    Humanure composting requires addition of carbon-based materials (known as bulking agents) to create the right composting balance. Bulking agents include wood shavings, coco peat, peat moss, and various blends of these materials, and different composting toilets require different bulking agents. Always use the correct bulking agent as recommended by the manufacturer and WCTNZ®. Using unsuitable materials can disrupt the composting process.

    Many systems also require regular addition of microbes - if this is the case for your system, you will need to use the correct microbes as available in your region (in New Zealand, this is WCTNZ® | Microbiota MicrobeBURST™ Composting Additive).

    Avoid Contamination

    Only put human waste, toilet paper, microbes and appropriate bulking agents into your composting toilet. Keep all other items out of the system to prevent contamination and ensure your compost pile remains healthy.

    Use Safe Cleaners

    Cleaning your composting toilet is essential to maintain hygiene. Always use cleaners that are safe for compost and won't harm the beneficial microorganisms responsible for the composting process. We recommend Nature Flush | Enzymes - Concentrate 1 Litre (Enzymatic) for all your composting toilet cleaning needs.

    Seeking Guidance When Needed

    Even with the best intentions, you may encounter challenges during your humanure composting journey. If you face any issues or uncertainties with a WCTNZ® system, drop us a line at - we'll advise you on the right path of action, and provide you with valuable insights into the composting process so you can move forward with confidence.

    Need help choosing a system? Call WCTNZ® on 0800 022 027 for free advice on system specification and setup. Advanced design consultancy services are also available.

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