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          Maintenance Instructions

          The EcoLet™ is built on state-of-the-art Swedish technology and features a compact and effective design. With a range of options that meet different maintenance requirements, there is an EcoLet™ solution that is right for you.

          Introduction to the basic maintenance and responsible use

          Ensure your EcoLet™ system operates perfectly year in and year out, with some basic care and common sense.

          For EcoLet™ 240 Range

          An outline of how to look after an EcoLet is given below. This is to give you an idea of what is involved and to assist you in deciding on the ideal waterless composting toilet solution for your needs. Our team are happy to discuss your specific requirements and associated maintenance needs in more detail, so please contact us if needed.

          If you have just purchased an EcoLet™ system, please see How To Start Your EcoLet™ System for the basics of how to start your system.

          For details on the best bulking agent (carbon materials) to use with your Ecolet system please see this guide [link].

          Daily or Weekly

          • Add a handful of Humus mixture to the toilet after every use.
          • Clean toilet fixture using only biodegradable cleaners.
          • Check liquid level in the tube on the right-hand side of the system - if the liquid is evident in the tube, turn the thermostat up one or two notches.
          • Give compost pile a rake around with manual mixing rake if even spread is not achieved.
          • Emptying Tray bi-weekly
          • Tray emptying times will vary depending on the actual usage of the system and the number of people utilizing the toilet.
          • If the compost pile is at the same level as the top mixing arm inside your toilet, then this is a good time to empty the tray.
          • Disconnect fluid indicator tube and pull the tray out of the toilet.
          • Once tray has been emptied and waste disposed of (according to your local authority), replace tray and reconnect fluid indicator tube.

          All our composting toilet solutions come with a detailed maintenance and service guide and troubleshooting FAQ.

          Note that;

          • Any composting toilet can be mismanaged leading to some problems and it is in these circumstances that accessing and inspecting the composting chamber is crucial.
          • Mismanagement is mostly from not been well-informed about the operational maintenance or the right bulking agent mixtures to use.
          • It is good to know that fixing problems that may arise from mismanagement is easy and fast.
          • Most problem can be sorted effectively and without expensive service-men, as you can do it all on site by following the systems manuals or contacting us for support.

          The installation and maintenance manual provided with the toilet outlines these activities and we also provide customer support Monday to Friday on 0800 022 027, should you have any questions unanswered in these manuals.

          Ecoflo Statement of support

          Ecoflo continues to offer quality backup and support for the life of the systems, and with distributors in the Australasian area, prompt after-sales service and advice is assured. If you have any queries on the use or maintenance of your EcoLet™ please contact WCTNZ for New Zealand or contact Ecoflo Direct if WCTNZ was not available at the time and immediate support through WCTNZ was not available.
          Phone: 0061 (07) 3889 6144