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    EcoLet™ Technology

    EcoLet™ works naturally to break down waste

    For the EcoLet™ 240 Range

    Ecolet™ is the combination of both advanced technology and environmental systems of accelerated organic decomposition through hot composting. Through hot composting, the best biological composting prosses can be achieved, that produces a safe and valued resource called Humus. Hot composting not only breaks down waste fast it also manages odour very effeciently making the EcoLet™ 240 range well suited for urban and rural lifestyle living.

    These all-in-one systems take all your waste where urine is needed to maintain a rich moist compost to the effect that these systems are zero discharge of leachate.
    With advanced automation, they are simple to operate and are an economical solution for modern living.


    EcoLet™ Technologies are world leading

    EcoLet™ Cutaway


    EcoLet™ Unique User Experience Features

    • Compact design provides a standard toilet high for comfortable seating
    • Warm toilet seat as a result of the heating process
    • Auto Mixing leaving you no need to push a button after your visit
    • Ergonomic design provides an extremely easy to clean surface with removable toilet seat to clean everywhere.
    • Automatic Chamber Screens (dual action)

    The EcoLet™ Composting Chamber Technology

    The EcoLet™ composting chamber is designed to treat the waste at its core with its efficient air heating channels it maintains a powerful composting process with the chamber and with thorough evaporation of any excess liquid that is vented safely out of the system keeping the composted portion in the bottom removal tray separate and dry while the non-composted portion remains in the core of the system as a hot compost.

    Build in backup systems

    With a float switch that operates an additional heater in the bottom compartment, any excess liquid that is not evaporated by the air heating channels is dealt with by automatically applying additional heat


    This diagram shows EcoLet™ system functions


    EcoLet™ Diagram


    The EcoLet™ Manual 15e and Automatic 25e & 65e features LED maintenance indicators and manual thermostat controller to let you know when it is time to empty the lower chamber.


    EcoLet™ Manual Smart Controller

    The EcoLet™ Full Automatic 55ai and Full Automatic 65ai features a program LCD interface where automatic AI programs can be selected for convenience.

    EcoLet™ Full Auto AI Smart Controller

    EcoLet™ Energy Efficiency

    High-efficiency Swedish Electrical Technology provides a very low daily power consumption with adjustable and automatic thermostats, which is set according to the number of people using the toilet.
    When you go away for more than 3 days, just turn off your EcoLet™ at the wall and slip the seat plug into place.