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    Our Mission


    At WCTNZ®, we believe composting toilets can change the world and we want to get more kiwis into using them! We're passionate about composting, saving water, and providing people with alternative wastewater solutions. 


    Our planet has limited resources, and the way they are used and recycled has a direct relationship to our eco-system and its ability to sustain life. Our biosphere is designed in a way where organic matter is constantly transformed into new things - this circular, closed loop system is what makes continuation of life on earth possible. Our planet doesn’t know the meaning of waste and therefore, we shouldn’t either.

    In a culture which views human excreta as waste and deals with it as such, an important part of the nutrient cycle is broken. This leads to the need for chemical fertilizers, and creates lower quality food with fewer nutrients. 

    Composting toilets change all of that! They turn human excreta into a safe and valuable resource, returning nutrients to the earth and keeping our waterways clean. Plus, they reduce water use. Water is a precious resource on our planet - soiling it and flushing it away just doesn't make sense!

    It is our mission to help people understand the importance of environmentally friendly waste management, to dispel negative myths surrounding composting toilets, and to supply world-leading composting technologies. Our systems are hygienic, efficient and odourless, and our wide range of products ensures that there is a system to suit every need. 

    We work closely with our clients and are dedicated to ensuring they have all the knowledge and support required to get the most out of their system. Composting toilets are our business and our passion. We care about the planet and we believe in our technology. Together with our clients, we are dedicated to helping New Zealand move towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

    Want to know more detail about what drives us? Read on!


    Our Philosophical Drivers

    By treating human excreta as waste, we create many problems for ourselves. 

    In the last 100 years, due to a broken nutrient cycle (where nutrients and compost are not returned to the earth) our top-soil levels have fallen by over 50 percent. Considering we rely on healthy top-soil to grow quality food, this is a scary figure. In place of compost, we have been forced to use chemical and artificial fertilizers to replace the missing nutrients. Unfortunately, these fertilizers generally don’t have the full spectrum of nutrients and lack the biological microorganisms required to grow truly healthy plants. The end, and unfortunate result of top-soil loss is desertification. Sadly, extreme loss of top-soil means the inability for our planet to sustain plant-life and a gradual loss of all complex life-forms on earth. It sounds incredibly far-fetched to most people, and yet the possibility of this is tragically real. Exponentially, each year greater areas of land are found to be at risk of desertification.

    Equally as important is our misuse of freshwater resources in the first world. Make no mistake, freshwater is a rare and precious resource, and WCTNZ® is dedicated to promoting sensible and sustainable use of it. According to UN statistics, there are currently 2.2 billion people who lack access to safe drinking water. By 2025, two-thirds of the worlds population are expected to be facing water shortages. And yet, we currently take this precious resource, soil it and then flush it down the drain. Every time you flush a traditional toilet, between 4.5L-11L of precious fresh water is soiled and wasted. 25% of household water use in New Zealand is from kiwis simply flushing it down the toilet.

    WCTNZ® wants to move New Zealand towards a more sustainable and, hopefully one day, regenerative future. If the world was to swap over to composting toilets and utilize human excreta by safely turning it into high-quality, pathogen-free, nutrient dense compost, we could greatly transform our agricultural systems and move towards a more sustainable model. Likewise, we would dramatically reduce the amount of freshwater that is wasted, and create a future where access to this precious resource is more secure. We would also greatly decrease the energy input needed for purification/potification of water and pumped distribution networks.

    To help everyday kiwis partake in making this future a reality, we have sought out world-leading technologies in composting and made them available to the New Zealand market. Our systems are comfortable, clean, efficient, odourless and suitable for all applications. Having worked with many clients seeking solutions for domestic homes, commercial applications and public toilet infrastructure, we have come to understand that there is a strong desire in the marketplace to break away from convention and achieve a personal and cultural shift towards these solutions. 

    With many years in operation, we've come to see that many people have negative ideas about what a composting toilet is, and we are here to dispel and break down those misconceptions. Often, people's first experience with a competing toilet is in a public space. Unfortunately, these experiences are not always pleasant when the systems are incorrectly specified and maintained. This is why we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure that they have all the knowledge and support required to get the most out of their system.
    We're here to help people realize the importance of the closed loop system and embrace the benefits of sustainability. This is why we do what we do.


    Need help choosing a system? Call WCTNZ® on 0800 022 027 for free advice on system specification and setup. Advanced design consultancy services are also available.

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