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    Everything You Need to Use a Composting Toilet

    Everything You Need to Use a Composting Toilet

    You've installed your composting toilet and embarked on a journey of eco-friendly toileting. So, what supplies will you need to make that journey a breeze? Here is everything you'll need to keep the toilet clean, and the compost pile active and healthy.

    Toilet Paper

    Obviously! No lavatory visit is complete without the use of toilet paper to keep your nether regions clean. You'll be glad to know that regular toilet paper breaks down just fine and can be thrown into your composting chamber - it will not hinder the health of your pile.

    Bulking Agent

    Another essential. All composting toilets require the addition of bulking agent - these are carbon-based materials that come in the form of wood shavings, peat moss, and coco peat. Bulking agents are added to the compost for a few reasons - they add carbon to the pile and help aerate it by creating air pockets, creating the right environment in which the compost can flourish. They also cover your waste and absorb liquids and smells. Always use the right bulking agent for your system - wood shavings are the go-to for most composting toilets, but there are some systems that require specific mixes for optimal performance.


    Microbes are prescribed by most manufacturers and can't be foregone if you want to get the best out of your system. Microbes are essential for assisting breakdown of waste and speeding up the composting process. Regular use of microbes keeps your pile healthy, reduces maintenance periods and prevents issues from arising. Furthermore, if these are stipulated for use by a manufacturer, then it is essential that they are used in order to retain customer support and warranty entitlements. In New Zealand, we have the WCTNZ® | Microbiota MicrobeBURST™ Composting Additive.

    Nature Flush Enzymes

    Made from an enzyme catalyst derived from bacterial fermentation, Nature Flush | Enzymes - Concentrate 1 Litre (Enzymatic) has two functions. Firstly, it is a natural cleaner with which you are to clean your composting toilet (remember, you cannot use harsh chemical cleaners as they will kill your compost!). Secondly, Nature Flush Enzymes act as a composting catalyst by adding enzymes to the pile, aiding the breakdown of waste! 

    Compostable Bags

    If using an on-floor system in which the composting chamber is lined, you will need compostable bags. These will help keep your chamber clean, and ease the compost removal process.


    Keeping your pile healthy and active is key to trouble-free composting. If you want to assure premium performance and prevent problems from arising, it's a good idea to invest in some compost additives. Additives help to maintain microbial activity within the compost, speed up breakdown of materials, balance out pH levels, and make sure your compost is performing at its best.

    Washing Wand

    If you have a split system with a pedestal connected to a composting chamber via a chute, you'll need to clean the bowl of the pedestal. A washing wand is a lifesaver when it comes to this! Simply take it off the wall and spray a bit of water around the inside of the pedestal.


    Need help choosing a system? Call WCTNZ® on 0800 022 027 for free advice on system specification and setup. Advanced design consultancy services are also available.

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