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          Falcon Waterfree Replacement Cartridge - Falcon Velocity Cartridge

          WFU FV-RC WUVCCW
          Patented, sealed cartridge uses a biodegradable sealant liquid to control odors. 100% compatible with all Falcon Waterfree urinals, worldwide. Customers are required to replace their cartridges every 4-6 months depending on usage.
          $92.61 excl GST $100.00 excl GST excluding shipping

          HPKV - Grey press fit grommet adaptor

          WFU HPKV - 111500
          For adapting the HPKV - High Performance Key Valve to new and old urinals
          $15.82 excl GST excluding shipping

          HPKV - High Performance Key Valve / Replacement Cartridge

          WFU HPKV-R
          The patented Key-System from Enswico is a unique syphon technology to operate urinals without water. Replacing water with technology translates into an enormous worldwide water saving potential.
          $85.13 excl GST excluding shipping


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