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    Graham Conway on Battery Operated Vehicles (TED Talk)

    The Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles | Graham Conway | TEDxSanAntonio

    Commentary (don't get angry) - this speaker parallels our beliefs at WCTNZ® so we feel safer coming out and saying the following:

    Early adopters of new technologies are crucial in facilitating refinement and evolution of innovations. In the free market, availability and viability of such technologies are established by an interrelation between the consumer and the developer. If the developer's product is perceived by the consumer to meet their expectations, uptake is increased. This can lead to new technologies overtaking the old, even if the new technology isn't necessarily the better choice.

    Marketed on their merits of "low environmental impact", EVs have exploded in popularity. From this video, however, it becomes clear that this marketing doesn't necessarily align with reality.

    When governments create biased policy without real scientific proof, things can become problematic. As has happened with EVs, policies can artificially inflate the growth of false technologies, and decrease public awareness of issues with such tech.

    Petrol powered automobiles are a cornerstone of the infrastructure we live in. They are essential to supply chains, and we are still dependent on them to move produce and materials which sustain human life.

    We need to reduce our impact on the environment progressively, instead of rapidly transitioning away from an established system on which we depend. Killing a system which supplies goods and employment can lead to serious loss of human livelihood.

    In the last 20 years there have been substantial efficacy gains in the automotive industry that have made the engine a lot more powerful/efficient and safer for the environment. Of course, the engine will not be around forever, but it has had 100+ years of refinement. Plus, patents are slowly released for maximum profit (due to monopolies) so some inventions (like vapor-fuel systems) will reemerge.

    There is also a large and fairly safe (regulated) industry set up to maintain and safely recycle petrol powered vehicles (as best as can be done economically). Policies that help various methods of recycling to improve margins of efficacy, or even those that subsidize them, are far better than draconian measures and policies that kill industries that employ and supply.

    On that note... As a composting toilets business, over the years we have seen, and continue to see, large improvements in WCT technology, policy, and support. Our products are constantly getting better, and we would like to thank all early adopters of composting toilet technologies for helping us grow.


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