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    SKU: GW GFRT 6
    The GreyFlow™ Rotor 6 station hydraulic indexing valve is a great add-on to your GreyFlow™ greywater irrigation system.
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    The 6-Way Rotor Valve is ideal for even and multi-irrigation field distribution of greywater.

    Suitable for all types of watering systems (sprinklers, drip, garden taps, grey water & wastewater systems), the GF Rotor is a worthwhile addition to your greywater system. Simple, reliable, and easy to install, the 6-station rotor improves the performance of your system by splitting the flows into different zones and increasing the operating pressures.

    This device evenly distributes the water from your GreyFlow™ or G-Flow to individual areas of your green space or garden. By connecting this unit to your existing system, it can supply 50 or 100 liters to each station (irrigation fields) according to how you customize it.



    • One valve operates evenly and sequentially in 2, 3, and 6 zones
    • Hydraulic operation means no external power is required
    • Flow-activated means that the unit will operate from a gravity-fed tank with less than one meter of head pressure
    • Suitable for all types of watering systems (sprinklers, drip, garden taps, greywater systems, and wastewater systems)
    • Improves performance of a system by splitting the flows and increasing the operating pressures
    • Simple, reliable, and easy to operate and install
    • 2-year manufacturer's warranty



    • Use only clean or filtered water (minimum 40 mesh filtration)
    • Use outlet pipe sizes of 25mm or larger
    • Requires a minimum flow rate of 10 liters per minute to operate
    • Keep the rotor in an upright position (dome on top and outlets at base)


    Installation Diagram - Example


    Grey-Flow Rotor Connection Diagram



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