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    Grey Flow™ Dripper Line Complete Kit with 25m Feeder Pipe

    Manufacturer: GreyFlow™
    This complete kit is the starter package with everything you need for the irrigation field. With 25m meters of feeder pipe for dripper bed run.

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    For all Dripper Feilds, you require flush valves for yearly maintenance.

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    This dripper tube is specially designed for grey water irrigation.

    The Grey Flow™ Dripper Line technology is a specialized dipper system designed for GWDD (Grey Water Diversion Devices)

    This Dripper is not compatible with DGTS (Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems) Refer to DGTS Discharge Field Systems

    Package Details

    • 100m x GF Drip-Line 16mm⌀ 9L/hr @ .3m Spacing (Drippers)
    • 25m x 25mm⌀ Purple LDPE (Feeder)
    • 13x Ratchet Clamps (Barb Fitting Clamps) 
    • 25 x Straight Take off Fittings (Barb Fitting) 
    • 2 x 25mm⌀ Jointers (Barb Fitting)
    • 2 x 25mm⌀ Elbow (Barb Fitting) 
    • 2 x 25mm⌀ Plug End (Barb Fitting)
    • 1 x 25mm⌀ Tee (Barb Fitting) 
    • 1x Budget Punch Tool (16mm Dripper Line Bard Fitting Tool)



    • 7 - 10 liters / hour
    • 30 cm drip spacing
    • For sub-strata installations


    Installation Diagram - Example


    Dripper Line Installation Diagram

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