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    Have you sorted your Grey Water?

    To compete your onsite waste water solution the use of an effective grey water treatment system is necessary.

    What are my Greywater Treatment System options?

    Up to 60% of wastewater produced by a home is greywater (laundry, bathroom and kitchen). This water has the potential to be reused in the garden. With a waterless toilet installed in a home you can effectively recycle ~90% of your household wastewater.

    Image here pie chart.

    "When the well's dry, we know the worth of water" - Benjamin Franklin

    Below are the systems we currently offer as a package with our waterless toilets. If you have general questions relating to greywater, please look through our comprehensive Questions About Greywate.If you intend to apply to your local government for a Development Application, they will require you to install a compliant grey water treatment system. There are very few certified stand-alone systems designed to handle just grey water. WCTNZ offer approved primary and secondary treatment greywater systems which are suitable for different applications. Your wastewater engineer can incorporate these systems into your wastewater management plan. If you need a wastewater engineer who is familiar with one of our systems, please visit the …………….. page for a list of contacts.