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          SKU: GW NF IGF
          Suitable for use with the Netafim irriGREY dripperline on a domestic greywater diversion device GWDD
          $160.87 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          i h

          The Netafim irriGREY Filter is installed downstream of Greywater Diversion Devices to protect Netafim Bioline dripperline.


          • Unique 3 dimensional filter element to collect lint and hair from greywater while ensuring minimum cleaning required
          • Easy process to clean or replace element
          • Designed to be installed downstream of the GWDD
          • Filter comes with filter bracket to mount on wall and spanner for opening housing to clean/ replace element

          Recommended to install Netafim DNL Valve upstream of filter as a quick relief valve to stop back pressure on pump if filter blocks.


          • 20mm Female inlet and outlet
          • Maximum pressure 5 Bar
          • Flow rate range from 600 to 6,000l/hr
          • Polypropylene housing, EDPM seal and polyurethane filter element
          • UV resistant
          • irriGREY Filter supplied with one element pre-installed

          Dimensions: 320mm long x 140mm diameter

          This unique 400 micron geo-fabric element collects the lint and hair from greywater requiring less maintenance than disc or screen filters. These elements can be cleaned or replaced with either a single or 4 pack options.

          Additional elements are available in either single pack (part #00060-004600) or 4 pack (part #00060-004700)