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    irriGREY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Grey-Water Diversion Devices GWDD.

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    How irriGREY works

    The irriGREY dripperline system delivers a slow and precise application of greywater throughout the soil. Made from flexible polyethylene tubing, the dripperline has evenly spaced pre-inserted emitters. When water is pumped through the system, these emitters discharge an even, slow distribution of greywater into the soil.

    Advantages of choosing irriGREY

    • Allows for reuse of greywater for supplementary garden irrigation
    • The most uniform distribution compared to all systems on the market
    • Specifically designed drippers that operate without clogging
    • An automated system that requires minimal maintenance & servicing

    Easy to install

    The irriGREY kit is simple to install, and is flexible enough to be used across all types of garden shapes, sizes and undulations. The kit comprises of all you need to get your domestic greywater system up and running in no time.

    The irriGREY kit includes:

    • 100m Landline Purple Dripperline
    • 25m Purple LDPE
    • All associated fittings
    • Easy to follow installation instructions

    Kits Required and Restrictions

    The irriGREY kit comes with 100m of dripperline that will service a home of 1-2 people.

    For every extra 2 people, an additional kit will be required.


    Refer to the chart below as a guide
    Number of People Number of irriGREY kits
    1-2 1
    3-4 2
    5-6 3