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          Kazuba™ | KL2 Building (Commercial Clients Only)

          Manufacturer: Kazuba™
          SKU: KA-KL2
          General public use, suitable for all open spaces.
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          Model KL2


          For sites with frequent use

          The contemporary design of the KL2 can be integrated into urban settings and natural spaces. This is a rustic-luxury design, due to the high quality of materials used. Open and airy, it lets in natural light whilst keeping a sense of privacy and robustness.

          For over 14 years it has been our most popular model. Designed for the general public, the KL2 is available in 3 versions: Standard (STD), accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) and (PRM+UD) with an external wall-hung waterless urinal inside an open step room.



          Proven design and construction

          Galvanised steel frame

          The cabin frame is made of hot-dip galvanised steel, ensuring durability and high resistance to oxidation. The hardware is made of stainless steel.

          Cladding in Thermowood treated Scandinavian pine

          The exterior cladding is in Thermowood Scandinavian pine. This water-based, heat treatment gives the wood durability, non-warping stability and improved insulation qualities. It is a hi-tech product, free from any chemical, which we have selected for its aesthetics and exceptional qualities. This has been the standard in our cabins for over 4 years.

          High-density birch plywood roof

          The roof is built from high-density birch plywood from Northern Europe treated with a phenolic resin. The edges are treated with acrylic paint to prevent any penetration of moisture. This material has excellent stability and very good resistance to UV and outdoor conditions.

          Galvanised steel door

          The door is a curved galvanized steel sheet. It opens with a simple sliding mechanism. It is fixed in 4 places for maximum stability and resistance. It is closed, by the occupant, from the inside with a locking system that has an occupied indicator with a standard square mechanism, for emergency access. The handle is made of 316L stainless steel.
          avg use


          KL2 STD


          A smaller round version for general use but not accessible to those with reduced mobility

          This is the basic KL2 model.
          If you have several toilets together, you can mix PMR versions with standard cabins (STD). As with the other models, the door, the chimney and the add-on urinal can be changed in order to optimise the layout.



          KL2 PMR


          Accessible to the disabled

          The KL2 PRM complies with all regulations relating to accessibility. The cabin meets the standards for those with reduced mobility (APAVE certified).
          In accordance with the regulations in force, the KL2 PRM includes a toilet paper dispenser, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and a lifting bar.
          The ensemble is designed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.
          We can produce signage specific to your needs in our workshops and this will be fixed to the outside of each cabin. We want our toilets to be accessible to the needs of everyone.




          Accessible with double usage

          This is the KL2 PMR+UD cabin, to which we add independent urinal access from the outside via an open step room. 
          As with the other models, the door, the chimney and the add-on urinal can be changed in order to optimise the layout. The urinal, made of vandal-resistant polyethylene, is directly connected to the Kazuba toilet system by PVC piping.
          This version considerably increases capacity.


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