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    Each Kazuba™ STK system can manage 30+ users per day(as tested). The system requires no water but does need to have exposure to sun and wind. All liquid is evaporated and the solid waste is composted down as well as dehydrated to a safe inert state to be disposed of on or off-site.

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    Please select the primary pedestal (toilet fixture) option you would like to accompany your composting system.

    Note; that the Urine-Diversion (UD) pedestal option is most suitable where there is high use in peek or large family gatherings.

    Note; that with Urine Diversion, it is recommended that the compost mass is kept wet to avoid the pile drying out. Consider getting the hand-held bidet sprayer accessory for facilitating the hydration of compost.


    A wide range of seat options are available so you can mix and match styles and colours

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    Kazuba™ | STK System


    The Best performing Desiccating Dry Toilet System on the market

    Featuring aerodynamic ventilation curve for maximum airflow

    A Kazuba™ can be sold as a complete kit system with a specifically designed cabin to surround the toilet. Alternatively, a cabin of your choosing can be sourced as long as it accommodates the design requirements of the Kazuba™ STKs chimney and pedestal. In this case, the ensemble is delivered to the site, ready for installation, on a single pallet.

    The Kazuba™ can operate in cold and warm climates as long it is positioned in an open position where wind and sun can be accessed. The units shown are installed in a campsite at the Gap Creek Farm Stay and at the Wild Mountain education centre. Both are at altitude and have near-freezing winters. The toilets are also located within 20 meters from campers and permanent accommodation. The unit is odourless and has zero output which means it can be positioned in areas where septic systems cannot (e.g. close to waterways).

    • Evaporation system means waste can be reduced by up to 90%
    • Quick and easy to assemble and install
    • Simple to maintain

    Please contact our customer service team at any time before ordering so we might help you plan your project.

    Kazuba™ STK system's capacity and performance are climate dependent - please talk to us about this system's performance for your site and location. Heating options available to boost performance - please enquire.

    Product Details
    Capacity: High capacity (Commercial use)
    Brand: Kazuba™
    Certified models: Yes
     Certificate of Accreditation by SAI GLOBAL
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