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    WCTNZ® expertise has been chosen by LooCube™ as its offcial outlet, distributing supplier and agency for LooCube™ systems in New Zealand, servicing the Realm of New Zealand (New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Tokelau and Niue).

    LooCube™ is a system that is lightweight, durable, and efficient to assemble and install at remote locations where conventional building packages are hard to deploy. LooCube™ system packages are defined as LooCube™ standard buildings and AirCube™ ultra-lightweight buildings. Both are transportable and, with the right lifting equipment, can be deployed in extremely remote locations such as high altitude walking tracks and remote campgrounds.


    Fire resistant
    Rot resistant
    Mould and mildew resistant
    Strong stability in salt zones


    Standard rooms
    Ambulent access rooms
    Disabled access rooms
    Disabled access compliant ramps


    Vandal resistant fixtures
    Parents rooms


    Solar packages
    Water supply tanks
    Zero-discharge composting solutions
    Remote monitoring

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    LooCube™ | New Zealand Agency - Standard & Custom Package Service

    The LooCube™ building system is a marvel of modern engineering and functionality. Perfect toilet facilities for national parks, remote walking tracks, carparks, rest areas, bus stops, campgrounds, tourist locations and any other commercial or public toilets. Make a quick enquiry now, and we will get in touch with you to sort out the details of your requirements.
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