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    Maintenance Instructions


    Introduction to the basic maintenance and responsible use
    Ensure your Clivus Multrum system operates perfectly year in and year out, with some basic care and common sense.
    Please bear in mind that any composting toilet can be neglected and abused. It is in these circumstances that accessing and inspecting the composting chamber is crucial. It is good to know that fixing problems that may arise from mismanagement or otherwise can be sorted effectively and without expensive service-men, as you can do it all on site by following the systems' manuals or contacting us for support.
    Clivus Multrums are the most robust system on the market with an effective and reliable composting process that stands the test of time. They operate with long-term retention of the compost that ensures complete treatment and with average yearly removal period of completed compost they are the lowest maintenance systems available.


    An outline of how to look after a Clivus Multrum is given below. This is to give you an idea of what is involved and to assist you in deciding on the ideal waterless composting toilet solution for your needs. Our team are happy to discuss your specific requirements and associated maintenance needs in more detail, so please contact us if you have any questions.
    If you have just purchased a Clivus Multrum system, please see here for the basics of how to start your system.
    For details on the best bulking agent (carbon materials) to use with your Clivus Multrum system please see this guide.

    Domestic Use

    A handful of wood shavings or other appropriate bulking agent is thrown down into the toilet each day. This ensures an adequate amount of carbon-rich material is present for composting to occur. Apart from this, all that is required is to visually check the system from time to time to ensure everything is in order. Except where a system has been severely neglected over a long period of time, raking of the composting pile is only necessary to occasionally level the pile.

    Commercial and Public Use

    For commercial and public use facilities, WCTNZ® provides special advice on suitable levels of care and a Clivus Multrum Service and Support Plan can also be put in place.

    A high-level servicing guide is detailed below:

    Daily or Weekly
    Clean restroom and toilet fixtures using only biodegradable cleaners.
    Flush urinal piping (if applicable) using biodegradable cleaner.
    Add bulking material via pedestals (around 2 litres per 10 toilet uses).

    Remove non-biodegradable for proper disposal in trash.
    Check pile texture is moist and crumbly, not sodden or dry. If sodden, add additional bulking material and check drainage. If dry, add some liquid.
    Check pumps and drains (if applicable) to ensure proper operation and free flow.
    Level compost pile when pile reaches 20 - 30 cm from base of chute.
    Add compost enhancing bacteria if extreme usage has occurred or is expected.
    Check user instruction signs, replace as necessary to improve user co-operation.

    Clean vent system and remove any obstructions inside duct work.
    Service fan by cleaning and ensuring proper functioning.
    Clean drain line by removing debris and flushing with clean water.
    Service pump and float switch (if applicable) by cleaning and ensuring proper functioning.
    Remove compost if necessary by removing enough to make room for new material.
    The installation and maintenance manual provided with the toilet outlines these activities and we also provide customer support, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, on 0800 022 027 should you have any questions unanswered in this material.

    Video Guide

    Ecoflo Statement of support
    Ecoflo continues to offer quality backup and support for the life of the systems and with distributors in the Australasian area, prompt after-sales service and advice is assured. If you have any queries on the use or maintenance of your Clivus Multrum, please contact WCTNZ® for New Zealand, or contact Ecoflo Direct if WCTNZ® was not available at the time and immediate support is required.