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    The Nature Loo™ - Alectura Premium system is a specialized design for tiny homes with a low underfloor clearance requirement of 500 mm, making it very suitable for transportable housing and most retro installations. This composting toilet model is suitable for a couple looking to install a composting toilet in their tiny house.

    Choose the Product options below


    Please select the primary pedestal (toilet fixture) option you would like to accompany your composting system.

    Note; that the Urine-Diversion (UD) pedestal option is most suitable where there is high use in peek or large family gatherings.

    Note; that with Urine Diversion, it is recommended that the compost mass is kept wet to avoid the pile drying out. Consider getting the hand-held bidet sprayer accessory for facilitating the hydration of compost.

    A hardwearing Nano-Ceramic Non-Stick Coating is applied onto the inner side of the Pedestal (toilet fixture) for maximum cleanliness.

    Note; basic cleaning will still be required.

    Note; non-stick is hydrophobic and repels liquids only.

    Choose additional chambers to increase the capacity of your system or to provide longer composting times where needed.


    Choose the fan voltage to match your power system. (Add additional fan units for replacement parts).

    All ELV (Extra Low Voltage) (12v-48V) are suitable for Off-grid power systems.

    Vent stack kit for installation.

    In residential applications, a vertical vent must extend 0.6m above the roofline - this is a code requirement.


    You may need additional vent materials depending on how many storeys your building has.

    Single Storey buildings with a high-profile roof (A frame or mono-pitch) require extra lengths of vent pipe - add one 830mm Vent Pipe Extension

    Double Storey buildings require extra lengths of vent pipe. Please add 4 x 1m Vent Pipe Extensions.

    Double Storey building with a high-profile roof (A frame or mono-pitch) require extra lengths of vent pipe - add one 830mm Vent Pipe Extension

    Kit for stepping the vent stack around the eaves of the roof. Allows you to avoid penetrating the roof.

    Add a wind-driven vent to create redundancy.
    The wind-driven vent will assist the fan under heavy wind conditions and keep the system going in case of power outage or fan failure.

    Select this reducing collar to adapt the wind-driven vent from 150mm to 100mm.

    Extend your drain pipe to reach your soak pit/trench.

    The system is packed with 1 meter of 25mm leachate drain pipe as a standard.

    Most soakaways should be installed 3 meters away from the foundations of the structure but this remains circumstantial to the site.

    Run your leachate drain into a soak pit (vertical soak-away) or into a trench (horizontal soak-away).

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    Nature Loo™ | Alectura Premium

    Nature Loo™ Alectura is a multi-award winning waterless composting toilet:

    • Good Design Award 2023 Gold Winner - Outstanding Design and Innovation in the Hardware and Building category
    • IDA Design Awards 2023 Gold Winner - Eco Design-Offgrid Home sub-category
    • IDA Design Awards 2023 Bronze Winner - Eco Design-Sustainable & Green Other Products sub-category

    Clivus Multrum - CM LP - Good Design Award Winner    


    The Nature Loo™ - Alectura system is a specialized design for tiny homes and off-grid living, with a low underfloor clearance requirement of 500 mm. This composting toilet system is suitable for a couple looking to install a composting toilet in their tiny house.


    Nature LooAlectura is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546

    The Nature Loo™ Alectura Premium Package Design Features:

    • Luxurious porcelain pedestal - provides comfort and looks great in the bathroom - choose between 3 options
    • Double walled chambers - create a sturdy frame and increase thermal heat retention, reducing the risk of thermal freeze
    • Removable internal chamber - allows for easy access to all the working parts of the chamber in its entirety, making deep cleaning easy if it is desired
    • Dual mixer blades - increase the usable space inside the chamber by leveling the pile and accelerating composting. Extending deep into the pile, these blades effectively mix and aerate the compost
    • Effective ventilation - the perforated wall of the inner chamber, combined with the high-spec fan, aerates the compost, reduces moisture build-up and draws away odours
    • Wicks built into the base of the internal chamber - optimise the moisture content in the compost pile by allowing re-absorption of liquids that have filtered through the pile, back into the compost mass
    • Stainless steel locking ring - tightly secures the lid to the chamber, minimizes the impact of negative air pressure, reduces the risk of insect strike and keeps the contents safe from children and animals
    • Inspection plug in the out-of-service chamber - makes it quick and easy to check the condition of the compost and its progress
    • Leachate drain - excess liquids filter through the inner chamber and drain out through a leachate drain into an absorption trench
    • Ezylift trolley - allows for easy maneuvering of the chambers on-site. Pick up the chamber comfortably and safely with this trolley and move it to wherever it needs to go

    The Nature Loo™ Alectura Premium Package Includes:

    • 2 x 90L, dual-walled composting chambers (each chamber consists of external and internal chamber parts)
    • Dual mixer blades
    • Premium porcelain pedestal of your choice - Palisade or Pasadero - and soft close seat
    • Waste chute to connect the pedestal to the in-service chamber
    • Ventilation fan in housing and with a power transformer (fan is 12v 5w as standard, but can be upgraded (see product options))
    • Flexi vent connection
    • Excess liquids hose (1m supplied, can be extended (see product options))
    • Ezylift trolley
    • 125ml Nature Flush Enzymes & spray bottle
    • Bulking agent (Hemp bricks)
    • Easy to follow DIY Installation and Maintenance manual

    Cleaning is easy with a luxury Composting Toilet Washing Wand, add this accessory here


    Please note: stated system capacities are specified by the manufacturer. These can vary depending on climate. Please talk to us about your use case scenario for more details.

    Note: Please note that Nature Loo™ | Alectura Premium features an internal compost mixer and comes with the Ezylift trolley - please consider purchasing the Nature Loo™ | Alectura Comfort system if these features are not required
    Note: Please note that Nature Loo™ | Alectura Premium does not include a starter pack - please order your media from the consumables lists
    All Product short copy and long copy is the property of Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Limited. Copyright © 2023 WCTNZ® | Waterless Composting Toilets NZ. All rights reserved.
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