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          Nature Loo™ Alectura - the 3rd Generation of Low-profile Split Batching Systems

          Nature Loo™ Alectura - the 3rd Generation of Low-profile Split Batching Systems

          In a previous article, we discussed how the split batching system has evolved from the 1st generation to the 2nd. Now, we're pleased to announce that there has been another leap in design innovation, and the 3rd generation of these systems is here.

          Introducing the latest in low-profile composting toilets for tiny homes and off-grid living - the Nature Loo™ Alectura.

          Based on the hugely successful Nature Loo™ Classic 650 and Clivus Multrum™ CM LP designs, the Alectura has been refined to outperform both of its predecessors, achieving bigger capacity and featuring several new improvements.

          Nature Loo™ Alectura is available in two models: Alectura Comfort and Alectura Premium.

          So, let's take a look at what's stayed the same, what has changed, and what separates the two Alectura models themselves.

          Features carried through from 2nd Gen

          • Luxurious porcelain pedestal - provides comfort and looks great in the bathroom.
          • Double walled chambers - create a sturdy frame and increase thermal heat retention, reducing the risk of thermal freeze in cold temperatures.
          • Effective ventilation - the perforated wall of the inner chamber, combined with the high-spec fan, aerates the compost, reduces moisture build-up and draws away odours.
          • Leachate drain - excess liquids filter through the inner chamber and drain out through a leachate drain into an absorption trench.

          New 3rd Gen features

          • Removable internal chamber - allows for easy access to all the working parts of the chamber in its entirety, making deep cleaning easy if it is desired.
          • Wicks built into the base of the internal chamber - optimise the moisture content in the compost pile by allowing re-absorption of liquids that have filtered through the pile, back into the compost mass.
          • Stainless steel locking ring - tightly secures the lid to the chamber, minimizes the impact of negative air pressure, reduces the risk of insect strike and keeps the contents safe from children and animals.
          • Inspection plug in the out-of-service chamber - makes it quick and easy to check the condition of the compost and its progress.

          Extra features available with the Alectura Premium only

          • Dual mixer blades - increase the usable space inside the chamber by leveling the pile and accelerating composting. Extending deep into the pile, these blades effectively mix and aerate the compost.
          • Ezylift trolley - allows for easy maneuvering of the chambers on-site. Pick up the chamber comfortably and safely with this trolley and move it to wherever it needs to go.


          Need help choosing a system? Call WCTNZ® on 0800 022 027 for free advice on system specification and setup. Advanced design consultancy services are also available.

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