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          Nature Loo™ | Classic 650 - Additional Chamber / Out-of-service (OOS)

          Manufacturer: Nature Loo™
          SKU: NL-650-ACC-OOS-C
          Additional Out-of-service (OOS) Chamber for existing Nature Loo™ Classic 650 models where more capacity & longer composting time is required.
          Availability: Availability - ON BACK-ORDER - Stock Shipments are on the quarterly (4 times a year)
          $604.35 excl GST
          excluding shipping
          Dispatch; Transport Time Frames: 1 Week Estimated Time of Freight (Nationwide-Transport)
          i h

          Nature Loo™ | Classic 650 - Additional Out-of-service (OSS) Chamber; Includes the Following;

           Chamber & Chamber Lid  Componentry


          Out-of-service (OSS) is a chamber set aside to compost (Batch-Composting) and on in the primer in-service position. In-Service is meaning connected to the toilet fixture and receiving waste.

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