Why go dripper lines for your discharge fields

Onsite wastewater discharge dripper lines have been proven to be the most effective means of even and precise land application of treated wastewater discharge and greywater diversion for irrigation where final tertiary treatment is found in land application.

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The many benefits of dripper line systems to land application

Reduced risk of runoff

With even dispersion of greywater or effluent to the land with dripper lines allows for a greater absorption of the volume preventing saturation spots that typically form in gravity feed soakaways. Dripper line system can spread the volume of discharge over a 24-hour period, balancing out the peek waste water flow from dwellings.

Improved soil saturation capacity

Interestingly with the volume of discharge being spread out over a greater period of time this increases the ability of the soil to absorb liquid by preventing it from going dry. A minimum moisture level is needed to be maintained in the soil allowing it to absorb the next volume of discharge without run off or flowing past the dry soil, into deeper more sensitive soils

Site specific land application is possible with dripper lines

There are many different land areas and topography of property that can be difficult to have an old fashion soakaway, but with dripper lines there is more possibility to apply the discharge over and around any obstacle from steep to small sections the discharge field designs can fit in to most landscapes.

The ability to use Greywater effectively as irrigation

With conventional gravity fed dispersion fields the application of nutrients found in greywater cannot be applied to the land where it counts. Well-designed gravity fed fields are meant to avoid the thirsty-root structure of trees and plants to prevent root ingression, where as it is opposite with Netafim dripper lines, the dispersion fields can be right in the thick of it feeding the trees and plants directly.

Better Transpiration with Dripper Lines

With Dripper Lines, the discharge of greywater is commonly applied to the land to feed vegetation and this allows for increased evaporative functions through the process called “Transpiration” *
Consideration to the effective size of the dispersion fields can be explored where certain pant and tree varieties have a high-water requirement, field sizes can be reduced. Information on this can be found online and from horticulturalist’s.
*Transpiration is the process by which moisture is carried through plants from roots to small pores on the underside of leaves, where it changes to vapor and is released to the atmosphere. Transpiration is essentially evaporation of water from plant leaves

Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

With dripper line systems, it is easy to repair, service and expand-on to the dispersion fields. It is common that the dripper lines are within the first few centimetres of topsoil without the use of scoria this makes the access to the drippers easy and fast to repair. Where the standard of the greywater is cleaned to a high and safe level dripper lines can be used on the surface and relocated if desired.

The Best you can get

Netafim is the world leader in dripper line systems providing the largest range of irrigation and wastewater dripper systems
With over 40 years of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry.
In recent times, we have seen a change in direction for residential irrigation systems. The word 'water-wise' is a common term when we talk gardening and this term describes what a drip system will deliver in a residential application. As blocks get smaller and designers get more creative there is a need for an irrigation system that puts the water exactly where it is needed.

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NetaFim eFLOW Dripper Line Systems

eFLOW is a complete dripperline diversion package specifically developed for onsite domestic and treated grey water dispersal systems. Created by NetaFim - the world leader in drip irrigation - these complete packages allows the reuse of domestic household water to irrigate garden and turf areas.
$100.00 incl tax

Netafim eFLOW Start Up Kit

eFLOW Water Re-use Dispersal System Netafim, the world leader in drip irrigation, has developed a packaged system that allows the re-use of water for domestic households to irrigate garden & turf areas.
$1,500.00 incl tax excluding shipping

eFLOW Add On Kit

eFLOW Water Re-use Dispersal System Netafim, the world leader in drip irrigation, has developed a packaged system that allows the re-use of water for domestic households to irrigate garden & turf areas.
$850.00 incl tax excluding shipping

irriGREY Kit

irriGREY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Grey-Water Diversion Devices GWDD.
$582.50 incl tax excluding shipping

NetaFim irriGREY Dripper Line Systems

The irriGREY dripperline system delivers a slow and precise application of greywater throughout the soil. Made from flexible polyethylene tubing, the dripperline has evenly spaced pre-inserted emitters. When water is pumped through the system, these emitters discharge an even, slow distribution of greywater into the soil.
$15.00 incl tax

irriGREY Filter Housing and element Kit

Suitable for use with the Netafim irriGREY dripperline on a domestic greywater diversion device GWDD
$185.00 incl tax excluding shipping

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