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          SKU: PM Y-HG-50L
          Bulking agent for the composting toilet systems to improve performance 50 litres of 100% Peat Moss comes in a 50L bale.
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          Peat Moss | 50L - Yates Hauraki Gold Peat

          Peat Moss is 100% organic fiber as a naturally decayed fiber of the Sphagnum species of plants. It is a product from a reliable and sustainably managed harvesting practice here in NZ. One of its main uses is as a growing media and is on the rise all around the world because of its natural hygroscopic and soil conditioning qualities.

          WCTNZ has chosen a supply and recommends the use of Hauraki Gold Peat Moss for its environmental safety and outstanding benefits to WCT systems. We have provided a mixing ratio for the composting system's range which is a recommended guide.

          This, however, does not stop you from using COCO Peat in your composting system if it is believed it will work better.


          A compressed peat moss bale that works as a natural, organic soil conditioner & mulch. It breaks up heavy clay soils, improving drainage. It also adds body to light soils, retaining extra moisture and nutrients. Peat is a key ingredient when mixing your own potting mixes and will naturally lower the pH level of your soil.


          • Nature's own organic food reservoir
          • Ideal for preparing the soil in flower and vegetable gardens, planting trees & shrubs, and enriching rose and ornamental beds
          • Very high capacity to retain water
          • A natural mulch, suppressing weeds and conserving water during dry spells
          • Adding peat is an easy way to increase the acidity (pH) of soil for acid-loving plants
          • Free of toxic substances, pests, diseases & weed seeds
          • Compressed – expands to twice the volume


          100% Peat Moss 50Litre Compressed bale

          Perfect media for WCT systems,

          • EcoLet™240 range up to 30% mix plus wood shavings (10mm sq)
          • EcoLet™NE range up to 50% mix plus wood shavings or sawdust
          • CM2 & NL2 systems up to 50% mix plus wood shavings or sawdust
          • Sun-Mar Range up to 20% mix plus special grade wood shavings
          • Nature Loo Self-Contained Systems up to 50% plus wood shavings
          • Bambooloo or any (bucket system) 50%(Peat Moss)/50%(any fines) mix or as you prefer


          Optional Use;

          Not for daily use CM8 - 40 range. Can be used as a starter bed in the removal-tray area to prevent the first few months of leaching.


          Product Specifications
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