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Clivus Multrum Grey Water Prefilter System

Unlike other pre-filter system which usually deploy gravel filter, our system uses light weight plastic filter medium for easy maintenance and will allow the trapping of particles in an aerobic environment.
$1,600.00 incl tax

eFLOW Add On Kit

eFLOW Water Re-use Dispersal System Netafim, the world leader in drip irrigation, has developed a packaged system that allows the re-use of water for domestic households to irrigate garden & turf areas.
$850.00 incl tax

Everhard Industries Grey Water Grease Trap

Everhard Industries 45 Litre Grease Arrestor is designed for connection to standard 100mm drains and is equipped with a polymer basket for easy removal of trapped waste. Accumulated scum and sludge waste matter can then be removed by authorised contractors to approved disposal facilities. The polymer trap has a strong, durable, polypropylene cover with child-resistant locking tabs and there is an optional concrete cover available. Risers are also available to allow increased cover over pipework.
$300.00 incl tax

Everhard's 250/450L Polymer Pump Well

Everhard’s 250/450 Pump Well has been a robust and effective solution in many domestic and industrial applications for several years. The new spherical design provides the symmetry that customers have been looking for with a deeper invert that provides greater flexibility in a number of usage situations.
$1,250.00 incl tax

Grey Flow™ / G-Flow Greywater Diversion Device

G-Flow is a simple, economical and reliable design of self-contained greywater diverter system. Its compact design made it easy to install and can be mounted on wall with brackets provided, above ground or partially buried.
$885.00 incl tax

Netafim 25mm Standard Arkal Filter - Housing & 120 Mesh Disc add-on package

Netafim 25mm Standard Arkal Filter - Housing & 120 Mesh Disc in the event that you run more than one eFLOW add on kit you should install a second filter to reduce the required maintenance periods and maintain the maximum filter flows.
$205.00 incl tax
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