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Grey Flow™ PS-PP Manual 300W

The Grey Flow™ PS-PP Manual 300W is suited for medium flow grey water diversions where an average users of 2-5 people full time is in residence and there is hilly ground for the irrigation discharge fields. Max Head 8M Max Flow 180 LPM (suited for land application areas that are flat & hilly with elevations no more than 3 metres)
$1,745.00 incl tax excluding shipping

irriGREY Kit

irriGREY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Grey-Water Diversion Devices GWDD.
$582.50 incl tax excluding shipping

Netafim DNL - Dripperline non leakage Valve

DNL - Dripperline non leakage Valve For use in conjunction with the irriGRAY kits
$15.00 incl tax excluding shipping

Netafim eFLOW - Techfilter Housing & Cartridge

The Netafim Techfilter is used in SDI (subsurface drip irrigation) applications in conjunction with Netafim dripper lines to provide maximum protection against root intrusion.
$400.00 incl tax excluding shipping

NetaFim irriGREY Dripper Line Systems

The irriGREY dripperline system delivers a slow and precise application of greywater throughout the soil. Made from flexible polyethylene tubing, the dripperline has evenly spaced pre-inserted emitters. When water is pumped through the system, these emitters discharge an even, slow distribution of greywater into the soil.
$15.00 incl tax

Netafim irriGREY Filter Element - Four Filters

Four Replacement filters for the irrGREY Filter unit
$140.00 incl tax excluding shipping
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