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    Shipping & Returns Details

    Shipping & Freight Information

    Waterless Composting toilets NZ Ltd prides its self on providing you with reliable companies for delivery services, that is why we have chosen to use a range of services providers where you can choose the best provider and best price

    We use:

    Mainfreight and TIL Freight for our freight deliveries exclusively.

    Castel Parcel, Post Hast, New Zealand Couriers Post & Urgent Couriers for our Courier Services.


    Mainfreight and TIL Freight have a good record of accomplishment, for getting goods delivered on time, without damage and they are well experienced in delivers to rural New Zealanders.

    Provide us with reliable contact details

    Delivery’s door-to-door; Freight requires appropriate contact details to ensure your goods are delivered safely and at desired drop points on site. The Fright company will always call you before delivery to confirm the delivery time and access to the property.

    Delivery’s to depots for pickup; Freight Companies knows and understands time restraints, this is why they will not charge customers for the warehousing time if the goods are picked up in a timely fashion, of course, your appropriate contact details are required.

    If you have unreliable contact details please nominate another person who can be reached and/or reach you to relay delivery information. Thank you

    Cost of deliveries

    We have set up an at-cost delivery calculator that is built into our online sales system (website) that provides you with accurate delivery costs from our on-account rates. If however, you feel the calculator has not provided you with a correct rate please contact us immediately to have this cost revised. 0800 022 027

    Please note, we will not refund any delivery costs differences between the online price and a revised price if the purchase and payment have already been made online.

    Please note, that Residential and non-metro areas may attract further surcharges as chargebacks. We will invoice the customer any balance of the cost of delivery if not within an acceptable margin of the original cost of delivery.

    • Acceptable margins are not exceeding 20% of the original cost of delivery or of a value no greater than $50 (whichever is the greater)



    If a product is purchased which satisfies one or more of the following cases we will gladly arrange a refund or replacement of the affected part:

    • The component is proven to be faulty within the warranty period
    • The product does not match its description as provided when sold
    • Product received is not the product ordered
    • Product or component has proven to have been damaged in transit*
    • Unused product may be returned at the buyer’s risk and cost during the 30 days cooling-off period (plus 5 days for delivery) less a 30% restocking fee if the product is in original condition. If the product is in less than original condition Waterless Composting Toilets NZ reserves the right to recoup the cost of repairs or repacking from the refund.

    Please contact us immediately if any of the above occurs to arrange a return. Products returned without prior notice will be rejected.

    • Please ensure that returned products are safely packed in their original packaging. We will not be held liable for damage to products incurred during return shipping.

    Refunds will be issued to the extent required by the Fair Trading Act 1986 and Sale of Goods Act 1908. No part of these terms of use is to be taken as an express or implied repudiation of our obligations under these pieces of legislation.


    *Products that are damaged in transit should not be signed upon the point of delivery as this will incur a change of ownership and the delivery/freight company & Waterless Composting Toilets NZ Ltd can not accept liability of the condition after signed receipt of goods.