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          Sun-Mar™ | GTG / GOOD-TO-GO

          SM - GTG
          Sun-Mar™ GTG is a compact toilet, perfect for tiny homes and certifiable for RV Self-Containment upon installation.
          $1,545.22 excl GST excluding shipping

          Sun-Mar™ | GTG Urine Bottle

          SM-GTG UB
          Sun-Mar™ GTG additional urine bottle for replacement or extra use.
          $195.65 excl GST excluding shipping

          Sun-Mar™ | Compost Quick

          Specially selected natural enzyme solution designed to help aerobic bacteria convert waste to compost. Also very effective as a cleaner for bowl liners (self-contained toilets / On-Floor) or Ultra low flush toilets (Central composting systems / Split-Systems) 454g (16oz) bottle with a spray cap.
          $19.13 excl GST excluding shipping

          Sun-Mar™ | Microbe Mix

          Specially selected dried microbes and enzymes designed to start and accelerate composting in all Sun-Mar composting toilet and toilet systems. Microbe Mix also contains citronella to discourage insects. 500g/16 oz. jar with scoop
          $33.74 excl GST excluding shipping

          Sun-Mar™ | GTG Urine Flap-Trap™

          Sun-Mar™ GTG Urine Flap-Trap™ is an accessory that acts as an odour trap and prevents spillage of the urine bottle.
          $21.74 excl GST excluding shipping


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