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          SKU: SM-GTG-UFT
          Sun-Mar™ GTG Urine Flap-Trap™ is an accessory that acts as an odour trap and prevents spillage of the urine bottle.
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          Sun-MarGTG | Urine Flap-Trap™

          Traps odour Prevents spillage Creates tight seal between the Urinal and the Urine Bottle Allows for safe storage and transportation


          The URINE TRAP-FLAP™ acts as an odour trap, preventing odour from coming up the urinal AND creates a tight seal between the urinal and the urine bottle, preventing spillage.

          Includes a Travel Plug for transportation and safe storage.


          Package includes one URINE TRAP-FLAP™ with a Travel Plug, drill bit and installation instructions


          Looking to increase your Sun-Mar™ GTG's capacity? Grab an Additional GTG Urine Bottle (complete with a Urine Flap-Trap)


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