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          SKU: WCT-SM GTG WMx
          The GTG WET Mix is the most effective way for managing the solids chamber on your Sun-Mar GTG system
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          Sun-Mar GTG WET Mix


          With the GTG WET Mix, you will improve the solids chamber capacity and significantly reduce any odours from the system!


          • Comes in convenient 20L bags for mobility

          • 10kg avg /20 Litre Bag — Bulking Agent Mixture

          • Packaging: Reusable plastic bags

          • 100% COCO Peat and Compost Green additive

          • Mixture features; High-Hygroscopic Qualities & Good Biodegradability

          • Recommend for all Urine Diversion systems

          For addition to Solids chamber only after every #2's use


          Additionally Features Compost Green Additive


          Compost-Green™The Compost Green Additive is effective at snapping up odours from solids tank in the Sun-Mar GTG system


          • Powerful ammonia treatment
          • Microbiological habitat (adds an ideal surface area for bacteria and fungi)
          • Drying by volume effect
          • Chemical heavy metals binding



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